@The Faculty of Science is dedicated to teaching and investigating the truths of nature, including mathematics and informatics, and to provide undergraduate students with systematic learning and training in technical skills in their respective fields.
@The Faculty has an enrollment of 840 students with 87 full-time faculty members. The Faculty consists of five departments: Mathematics and Informatics (freshmen enrollment 45), Physics (40), Chemistry (40), Biology (35), and Earth Sciences (50).(2004/4/1)

@The Mathematics and Informatics Department covers the fields of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Informatics.
@ The Physics Department contains the divisions of Fundamental Physics, Computational Physics, and Condensed Matter Physics.
@The Chemistry Department covers Fundamental Chemistry, Material Chemistry, and Biochemistry. Molecular and Cellular Biology, Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology are covered by the Biology Department, and Evolution of the Earth, Earth Dynamics, and Environmental Earth Sciences are offered in the Earth Sciences Department.
@The Marine Biosystem Research Center, closely related to the Faculty, has two laboratories at Choshi and Kominato. Both sites are situated in the sea areas where two ocean currents the Oyashio and the Kuroshio meet. The Kominato Laboratory has long benefited from a neighboring non-fishing sea area. Hence, the Center lies in a natural environment suitable for the study of biodiversity. The Faculty is also connected with the Graduate School of Science and Technology which offers Master's Programs in three divisions corresponding to the five departments of the Faculty, and Doctoral Programs, which can be highly specialized and/or interdisciplinary.

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