Dean of Faculty of Science and Graduate School of Science

                              Akira YANAGISAWA



    Human being has thought about the questions of mysterious natural phenomena and devoted to elucidate them
   since the old times.
    Science is basically defined as the study elucidating the mystery of natural phenomena,
   which is primarily motivated by the strong curiosity of human being.
    In the present day studying natural science involves not only finding and solving the fundamental problems
    in our understanding of the universe, earth,life, materials, and so forth, but also contributing to
   the advance of our human society.
    Nevertheless, the most important motive force in intending to science is always our strong curiosity.
    On the other hand, it is obvious that only the crude motive force by curiosity is not enough to solve the problems
   in the process of scientific work.
    We have to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to elucidate the problems.
    In the Faculty we offer a diversity of programs ranging from introductory courses for absolute beginners,
   via multi-disciplinary subjects, to pioneering sciences and their applications for more advanced learners.
    The curriculum helps to promote your potentiality necessary to find unsolved problems and investigate them by
   yourself in the graduate school.
    The acquired knowledge and skills in the undergraduate course also are useful for you to play an active part
    in our communities.

   Let’s enjoy Science with us.