@The Faculty of Science was established in 1968 as a result of the reorganization of the sections related to science from the former Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The old Faculty of Arts and Sciences was founded in 1950, following the foundation of Chiba University in 1949, in accordance with a reformed system of education after the end of World War II.
The Faculty started with four departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and Earth Sciences was added in 1974.
@The Master's Program began in the Faculty in 1975, and in 1988 the Graduate School of Science and Technology (Doctoral Program) was set up with a view to promoting the integration of the sciences and interdisciplinary approaches.
@The present five departments were formed when the Faculty was restructured and expanded in 1994, in connection with a considerable revision of the framework of general education for freshmen and sophomores in the university.
@The Institute of Marine Ecosystems was established at Choshi in 1980 as an affiliated institution. In 1985 a laboratory at Kominato was transferred to the Faculty from the Tokyo University of Fisheries, and, 1989 the Institute changed to the Marine Ecosystems Research Center with two laboratories at Choshi and Kominato. In 1996 the Master's Program in the Faculty was transferred to the Graduate School.

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