Mathematics and Informatics

This department covers three disciplines:
pure mathematics, applied mathematics and informatics. The first two disciplines focus on mathematics while the third focuses on computer science. New students to this department must devote themselves to the study of fundamental mathematics and informatics for two years.・・・・・・


Although physics is typically regarded as a hard science and may often be kept at a respectful distance, physics is in fact, basically a study to understand the laws of nature from our own experiences. ・・・・・・・・


Chemistry is one of the broadest scientific fields dealing with the structures, properties, and transformation of matter on a microscopic level of atoms and molecules. The role of electrons must be taken into account in order to understand chemistry. ・・・・


The Department of Biology consists of two divisions; Molecular and Cellular Biology in which the mechanisms of a variety of biological phenomena including cell differentiation, gene regulation and signal transduction etc. are investigated at the molecular and cellular level; and Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology in which diversified plants and animals are studied at various hierarchical levels.・・・・

Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences study physical, chemical, and biological processes in both the ancient and present global systems, understanding of which provides important information about the past environmental changes and the factors that may control fluctuation in future environments. ・・・・